Halloween Painting Festival

COME PAINT OCT. 6,7,8 and 13

REGISTER by clicking the link below and submit a sketch


Ready Set Paint


Click on the REGISTER button above 

or pick up a form at Falls Church Arts  

            700-B W. Broad Street 

Artists must submit a sketch of their planned painting to Marty Behr as an attachment on the registration page or by emailing behrmarty29@gmail.com

Please see painter's

 tips, below.


Pick up paint and get window assignments at the event table at  the 

Municipal Park on the north side of the 100 block of West Broad Street.



Volunteers needed to pass out supplies and join in the clean-up. Last year 150 artists participated, a new  record, but we need more helping hands. Please contact Marty Behr, behrmarty29@gmail.com

The festival

Each October since 2008, store windows in downtown Falls Church come alive with images of bats, witches, scarecrows, pumpkins and ghosts--the friendly kind.

See the gallery on this site for past years' paintings. Check the Painter's Tips section below for instructions.

More than 150 painters--school children and parents, scout troops and soccer teams--sign up to paint in the festival, sponsored by Falls Church Arts, Falls Church City Recreation and Parks, the Falls Church Chamber of Commerce, and the Business in Education Partnership. 

And without our Falls Church merchants, there would be no windows to paint. Thank you merchants!

 As one parent said, "My son Jack enjoyed painting so much tht he convinced me to buy our own set of paints so that he can decorate our front door at home. The program is a great way to encourage young (and old) artists, and build community."

Painter's Tips

What to bring

We supply the paint. 

But please bring brushes, water and shoe boxes for carrying cups of paint.  

Newspapers and paper towels for spills are important just in case.

A kitchen step stool is needed for tall windows.

Please protect window sills with masking tape and papers.

Window prep

Wipe window down with dry paper towels. Don't use Windex or other cleaners, which leave a film.

If your scene has light colors, you can put down a solid background "wash" color first. A light grey color works well.

Be sure to sign your beautiful work and take some photos. Check back at the desk when finished and get a (chocolate) kiss.

Painting your sketch

Keep your images big and bold so more passers-by can see them.

Start with darker colors first and let first coats have time to dry. Dabbing paint on a little at a time can make your images stand out.

Foam brushes are OK if they are dry, but brushes are best. Brown's Hardware has both

Clean up

We need painters to clean up after Halloween is over, between Nov. 1-4.        

But it's fun, too.

Sponges, old towels, newspapers and plenty of water required. 

Put newspapers down on the sidewalk. Soak the painting thoroughly with water, then sponge off. Then a second wash should finish everything.